Country Wedding

DIY Country Wedding Décor

If your on a budget weddings can easily become overwhelming.  Here are some ideas from my daughters wedding from this past summer

Line an old rustic frame with black poster board- or wrap and old frame with burlap and
write on with fluorescent dry erase markers.  Also Walmart sells the frames for 2 for $5 already!

Got a wood burner?  Purchase birch tubes and burn the bride and grooms name.  These were weighted with glass beads.

This one takes some yard selling or a trip to the Good Will- easy paper flowers

Purchase lanterns and glue torn book pages around the paper lantern. This is like when you were a little kid. You simply wrap the paper around a pencil (like crepe paper) and hot glue.  The pages can be spaced no more than 1 inch apart around the lantern.  These as do the coffee filter lanterns take a lot of paper.  Each coffee filter lantern uses 2 packs of 100 coffee filters.  The book lanterns will use about 200 pages also.  The older the book is especially if it has yellowed a bit- makes the most gorgeous lanterns.

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